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Materials for the manufacture of furniture, useful tips

Materials for the manufacture of furniture, useful tips

Today it is difficult to list the modern materials from which furniture is made. To choose original, eco-friendly samples, you need to understand what furniture is made of, which material is better. I would like everything to be combined in furniture: quality, functionality, modern design, long service life.

Materials of manufacture

Furniture provides a person with comfortable living conditions. Modern materials of its manufacture are very diverse:

  • solid wood;
  • wood board (fiberboard, chipboard, chipboard, MDF);
  • decorative coatings;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • glass.

Before going to the store, you need to understand the value of the materials, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Particleboard for furniture
Solid wood for furniture
Solid wood
MDF for furniture
Metal for furniture
Furniture plastic
Glass for furniture

Solid wood

Solid wood products have remained popular for many years, as they are made of high quality wood. They need to be able to choose, paying attention to the features of the array. Furniture can be made of boards: solid or spliced ​​(glued) from wooden blocks. It is important that the shields are of high quality, the presence of knots negatively affects it. The quality also reflects the number of tree rings.

Elite samples are made of shields. In the furniture industry, there are terms: “solid wood furniture” (one type) and “wooden furniture” (other types made of wood boards and decorated coatings). Models from the array are:

  • natural material;
  • exclusive, elite designs;
  • strength, practicality and durability.

Select samples from the array carefully. The material has a smooth texture and growth rings. Exclusive solid wood furniture has the following features:

  • it is made by cabinetmakers with a high level of skill. In this case, the following tree species can be used:
    • oak;
    • nut;
    • Karelian birch;
    • ebony or mahogany;
    • rosewood.
  • the status of luxury furniture is increased by:
    • expensive fittings;
    • handmade carvings;
    • inlaid.

To make such furniture a highlight in the interior of the premises, listen to some tips:

  • To meet guests in the living room, a sofa, chest of drawers, a table made of an array of precious wood are suitable;
  • oak armchairs or tables will create an environment in the office suitable for mental work. Especially fashionable in recent times have become white models of solid oak;
  • the perfect solution is the choice of exclusive furniture for the large bedroom:
    • wardrobe with thread elements;
    • dressing table;
    • the beds.
  • the main thing in the selection of children's and teenage products is the environmental friendliness of the material, its natural nature, the effect on child health, safety, the absence of harmful artificial adhesives and resins, orthopedic properties;
  • Kitchen will be decorated with such models as:
    • headset, wall;
    • buffet;
    • cabinet in the form of a display case.

For the masters who own furniture art, it will not be difficult to make wooden furniture with their own hands according to their own project.

Wooden furniture

Wooden table

Advantages of wooden furniture

Solid wood furniture - from affordable to exclusive

Solid wood furniture


MDF is a type of wood board based on shredded wood chips. In density, the material approaches wood. The plate is made using hot pressing and has the features:

  • material flexibility;
  • ease of handling;
  • resistance to fungi;
  • only facades are made from the slab, since the material is expensive. The remaining parts are made from chipboard;
  • wide scope due to paraffin;
  • the plate does not crumble, which allows:
    • decorate surfaces with drawings and carvings;
    • cut holes for hardware fasteners;
    • screw the screws firmly.

Do not put MDF products near heat sources: it reacts negatively to elevated temperatures (up to + 70 ° C). The material may be deformed: the decorative coating swells and peels off.

Living room

Kitchens modern MDF

MDF furniture

Writing desk MDF


Particleboard is made by pressing at high temperature. The material is large shavings and sawdust to which resins are added. To decorate the slab use:

  • laminate;
  • veneer;
  • melamine.

The plate according to the degree of quality is divided into grades:

  • the first includes material for the production of which use high-quality sawdust of a tree of the same species. Such a plate has a flat surface, on both sides it is decorated with veneer or laminate;
  • the second includes a plate having small defects (chips, scratches);
  • slabs of the third grade have serious defects, so they are used for rough work.

Particleboard furniture cannot be kept in rooms with high humidity, as it will crumble.

The range of furniture made of chipboard is very wide.

Particleboard furniture

Hallway from chipboard

Particle board TV


Reliable material from which modern furniture is made for offices and houses is metal, which is different:

  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • long operation.

The advantages of metal furniture include inexpensive cost. Professional products are made from it. In combination with other materials, models are made:

  • indoor;
  • garden;
  • park.

It is easy to look after such products, simply to restore: it is enough to paint in any color or use interior stickers.

Metal furniture is widely used in all areas: it looks great in the interiors of modern design styles (minimalism, high-tech):

  • metal combines with glass, giving the impression of lightness, freedom, light;
  • Upholstered furniture with metal legs and armrests, combined with plastic and leather, will decorate not only the home interior, but also the office;
  • for small apartments, a combination of metal and textile in upholstered furniture is a good solution;
  • long service life for iron beds, sofas and armchairs with iron legs.

Forged products are widespread. They are distinguished by durability and high strength. Forging is expensive, looks respectable in combination with modern materials: mosaic, glass, marble.

Furniture made of metal has a modern shape, less weight. It is made of aluminum or galvanized steel. In combination with textiles, glass, stone, wood, it looks original. Many models are folding. Such furniture does not require special care, functional, convenient for a summer vacation.

Metal coffee table

Metal products

Metal furniture - types

Furniture made of metal

Metal garden benches


Plastic furniture conquers strength, lightness, airiness, a variety of colors, affordable prices. She won the sphere of catering, offices, country houses. Her area was outdoor recreation. The range of plastic models is very wide:

  • in cafes and summer areas you can see:
    • cocktail tables;
    • bar chairs;
    • armchairs.
  • In offices, houses and apartments you can find:
    • coffee tables;
    • laundry baskets;
    • lockers, shelves.
  • plastic models can be found in the summer cottage:
    • benches;
    • swing;
    • benches;
    • sun loungers.

Plastic has many advantages:

  • it can have coatings imitating any natural material;
  • variety of solutions - you can choose samples of any color, design;
  • products are easy to store and transport: as they are disassembled and folded;
  • the furniture is functional, practical, durable.

With many advantages, plastic is not deprived of disadvantages:

  • successfully fits only in modern interior styles;
  • subject to mechanical stress, the influence of high and low temperatures;
  • at high temperatures emits toxic substances.

Modern plastic furniture of foreign manufacturers (Turkey, Italy) is equipped with a metal frame, has a presentable design. With all the “buts,” plastic has won its niche at an inexpensive price and affordability.

Furniture made of plastic means practicality and beauty.

Fiberglass Furniture

Set of children's furniture made of plastic

Plastic furniture production according to drawings

Plastic garden furniture


Glass does not surprise anyone as a material for furniture. In modern interior styles, it plays an irreplaceable role:

  • visually expands the space;
  • gives him freedom;
  • makes it brighter.

Glass models bring lightness to the interior. Glass came into furniture production when models with mirrors became fashionable. Today it is no longer just cabinet doors, but also:

  • racks for a bar;
  • kitchen aprons;
  • countertops;
  • little tables;
  • shelves.

Furniture is made of armored or tempered glass. Alloy and glue are applied to it. Surfaces and edges are treated. Modern glass models are safe even in children's rooms. There are many ways to finish glass surfaces:

  • figured finish;
  • spraying and dulling;
  • inclusion in the design of stone or rhinestone;
  • drawing patterns;
  • application of a technique that creates the effect of broken glass;
  • production of fused crystal glass models.

The possibilities of glass are huge. It seems fragile, transparent, unable to withstand heavy weight. This is an illusion: a modern glass shelf is capable of supporting 150 kg.

Italian glass furniture

Glass furniture

Glass office furniture


Glass table


Products are usually combined with accessories. For external elements (handles) all kinds of materials are used:

  • tree;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • ceramics;
  • plastic.

Furniture fittings are classified by technical function. The following groups are distinguished by this parameter:

  • the first group includes devices for fixing parts relative to each other:
    • mechanisms for movable joints (guides, lifts for hinged doors);
    • detachable connection mechanisms (door handles and devices replacing them);
    • devices for permanent connections (nails, screws, screws, other types).
  • rotary devices necessary when furniture changes properties without changing the structure of the fittings. Such devices operate silently and easily. These include:
    • tandem boxes;
    • swing mechanisms;
    • guides;
    • for tables.
  • the third group includes devices for converting furniture to a different state. These are the following types:
    • for the transformation of functional furniture (cabinets, sofas);
    • devices that change the height;
  • the fourth group consists of overhead devices:
    • the cord is used to finish upholstered furniture;
    • plaques can have various forms, for example, medallions, sockets, animals, plants;
    • strip that is used for edges, contours on the table, seats, cabinet walls.

The material for such elements is chosen wood, ceramics, braid, glass, metal, plastic. For furniture, you need to carefully select accessories: the overall impression of the product depends on its reliability and design.

Furniture guides
Furniture supports
Furniture hinges
Furniture handles
Furniture hook
Furniture castors

Original and modern solutions

Fashion trends are associated with simple, functional models. Furniture is characterized by straight clear lines, a high level of comfort. Furniture is made from modern materials. The main requirements are reduced to such parameters:

  • period of operation;
  • simplicity of leaving;
  • environmental friendliness.

The trends of modern furniture include:

  • visual expansion of space;
  • preference for modular furniture;
  • space saving due to built-in furniture.

There are a lot of original exclusive furniture samples:

  • a metal bench made in the shape of a luxurious butterfly, whose wings are a patterned back;
  • wicker chaise longue in the form of a walnut;
  • original hanger in the form of a chain hanging from the ceiling.

These exclusive models are hard to find in mass production. But according to an individual project, a domestic and foreign company will undertake to make furniture from any material. Furniture made of any material has pros and cons, so its choice depends on the tastes, preferences and financial capabilities of homeowners. With any choice, the main thing remains quality, environmental friendliness, convenience.


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