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Are you risk averse to business

Are you risk averse to business

With the help of this test you can evaluate how you are predisposed to entrepreneurship, individual work. For obvious reasons, the test is only indicative. Express your attitude (negative “no” or positive “yes”) to the following statements.
1. The need to work for someone I would rather start my own business.
2. I will never go to such a job, where there are many trips.
3. If I began to play, I would never make small bets.
4. I like to improve my life with ideas.
5. I will never quit my job without confidence that there is another.
6. I am not inclined to take risks in order to expand my horizons.
7. Knowing that a particular new business could end in failure, I would not invest in it, even if it promises a big profit.
8. I would like to experience as much as possible in life.
9. I do not feel in myself a special need for exciting events.
10. I do not have much energy.
11. I can easily invent many profitable games.
12. I would never argue about the amount that I do not currently have.
13. I like to propose new ideas or concepts when the reaction to them (for example, my boss) is unpredictable and unclear.
14. I am ready to participate only in such transactions that are sufficiently clear and definite.
15. Less reliable work with a higher income attracts me more than more reliable work with an average.
16. By nature I am not very independent.

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