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What are the handles for furniture in the kitchen, a review of models

What are the handles for furniture in the kitchen, a review of models

In the interior of the kitchen, everything should be interconnected. Not only the colors of the furniture and the decoration of the walls, the floor should be combined, but also the decorative elements without which the kitchen looks dull. Handles for kitchen furniture will help to create a unique image of a kitchen room, regardless of what style is present: modern or classic.


In the shape of the pen are:

  • rings;
  • sinks;
  • buttons
  • drops;
  • staples;
  • railing;
  • built-in (mortise):
  • profile (molding).


Rings have been known since the Middle Ages. In the beginning, they were made crude, mainly from wrought iron, and when the Baroque style appeared in the world, which became famous for its grace, it was reflected in the pens. They began to cover with gilding and add various details in the form of petals, flowers and engravings. Now you can find not only modern metal handles - rings that have a perfectly flat surface, but also made antique, for example, having the color “bronze”. When using these accessories, you need to be extremely careful.

With frequent improper opening, handles can simply spoil the facade of the kitchen.

Choose different shades of design

Choosing fittings

Decor of a modern interior style Decorate room coverings Home Design Ideas


Sinks allow you not to use a lot of energy to open cabinets. Their simple enough shape allows you to touch the handle only from the inside, while leaving the outside always clean without fingerprints. By the method of execution, you can find a large number of different options. They will look spectacular if the kitchen is in a classic style.

How to get rid of the uniformity of the interior

To create a decor, you must take into account the chosen style

Golden handle sinks in the kitchen

Elegant interior details

How to choose fittings


Knob button for kitchen furniture, ideal for small areas and sections with light facades. Usually they are made of wood, metal, plastic and porcelain. The disadvantage is that with the small size of the product, it is not convenient to open high sections, built-in refrigerators and a built-in dishwasher, you will have to make a lot of effort, the handle can simply break out, ruining the lining material. The mount looks very unreliable, which gives the product a short life.

Beautiful ring handles for furniture in the kitchen Classic home interior Handle rings in the kitchen

Room with beautiful furniture Beautiful handle rings in the kitchen


Handles for furniture in the form of a drop, also have a lot of different designs to design the appearance. They are more suitable for decorating those places that are often not used. For frequent opening, this option quickly gets bored.


Furniture handles, in the form of brackets for the kitchen, make up the majority of manufactured goods in this direction. The wide inner part allows you to grasp the entire surface of the palm and not feel discomfort. Due to the streamline shape, it is impossible to catch or hit it, so their use is preferable in a house where there are small children. For any look of the kitchen, you can choose overhead staples that really fit the rest of the elements.Very effectively with a classic kitchen brackets will look under the color "bronze".

Furniture handles for the kitchen

Beautiful modern sink handles in the kitchen

Beautiful home decor The beauty of modern interior style Front hardware

Roof rails

Handles - roof rails are usually used for straight facades. It is recommended to choose long models both for convenience and for the most expressive appearance. As a rule, such handles are used for kitchen towels.

To arrange furniture handles for kitchen rails you need to horizontally, firstly, for convenience, and, secondly, for the effect of completeness of the composition. The facades are very large, or vice versa, of a very small area, they can be installed vertically, but then you will have to create symmetry about them.

Correctly select design elements

Copper handles in the kitchen

Metal pens in the kitchen

Features and rules for arranging a room Rules for choosing interior details

Built-in (Mortise)

Mortise handles for furniture are the safest of all types. When there are small children in the house, it is only about these that it is impossible to leave bruises and bumps. Installation is possible only in straight, level and not bent facades. But, some types of handles can be installed in frame facades, if they are of a modern style. It is very difficult to carry out this technology independently and without special equipment. It is better not to make mistakes, invite a master who will not ruin anything.

Modern handle rings in the kitchen

Practical handle rings in the kitchen

Practical handle staples in the kitchen

Pleasant surfaces in the room

Different furniture handles for the kitchen


When you do not want to touch the facades and drill them for handles, you can use the aluminum profile, which will be located under the countertop. Opening, in this case, takes place behind the facade itself. In this case, it is not recommended to choose a kitchen of a dark color and glossy material, fingerprints will be visible on it. It is intended only for the lower sections and for vertical columns, for example for the built-in refrigerator. The upper sections may also be left without external handles, while I use hidden handles - pushers that work when the facade is pressed.

They have the disadvantage that their life is limited and they quickly fail.

Stylish handle rails in the kitchen

We create the decor of the surfaces of the facades in the house

We create practical room arrangement

Stylish home improvement Stylish furniture handles for the kitchen

Materials of manufacture

When choosing, it is worth considering the material of which the hand is made.

Type of material Advantages disadvantages
Metal (steel) Not afraid of moisture, low and high temperatures, not susceptible to damage by fungus and rust.

Suitable for almost any kitchen with the right choice of accessories.

Imprints remain on glossy surfaces.

Matte surfaces are difficult to clean, only with a special tool.

Copper Well cleaned, look expensive. Suitable for a very small number of options for kitchens in style.
Glass Individual look, easy to clean. Careful and accurate use is necessary, since glass is a fragile material.
Ceramics High strength, noble appearance of the product. It retains its original appearance for a long time, easy to clean. It is combined with many materials, but it looks especially beautiful with bronze color. Not resistant to mechanical damage.
Plastic Not a high cost, at the same time, it is possible to often change the handles, light weight, ease of cleaning, the ability to make an original shape. Not durable, can deform when exposed to high temperatures.
Tree Ecological natural material. It does not tolerate high temperatures, not very long life, wear out quickly and lose their original appearance.

The most common material for manufacturing is steel. It can have a matte or glossy texture. In the construction market, Italian manufacturers are very much appreciated. A country like Italy has always had a favorable price-quality ratio. They also give a good guarantee on their products.

Convenient handle rails in the kitchen

Design Style Types

Traditional knob buttons in the kitchen

Convenient furniture handles for the kitchen

Convenient sink handles in the kitchen

The choice in accordance with the style of furniture

For the neoclassical style, you can choose metal handles with a ceramic insert. Ceramics retain their original appearance for a long time. For a Provence style kitchen, bronze is ideal, which emphasizes the elegance of furniture. It can have porcelain inserts, or decorative elements with ceramics. Bronze can be combined with many materials. For the classic style, furniture fittings in the form of a ring are suitable.

Individually designed by designers, pens with rhinestones or crystals will look good with the modern style of a kitchen set. Of materials, enamel, which tends to reflect the surrounding interior, is perfect for this. With the right lighting, not only the pens with rhinestones or crystals will shimmer with different colors, but the facades will complement them.

When using photo printing technology on facades, it is better to use not very prominent pens, or to refuse them altogether. Otherwise, the kitchen will look defiant and quickly get tired. In this case, options with crystals will not work.

When choosing a white kitchen, you can use handles - sinks that are black. This combination will highlight the accessories and give contrast.

If the kitchen has already lost its former appearance and you want to change something, then you should not order new furniture, if the old one still functions normally, you can replace only the handles and it will already look in a new way. Ceramic pens with crystals are especially popular.

Spectacular room decor

Convenient modern furniture handles for the kitchen Functional interior style


What to consider when choosing a design style What to consider when choosing accessories for the home


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